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Base Office Module

Customer History

Get answers in seconds – not minutes!

Whether you’re taking 10 calls or even 100 calls an hour, you don’t have time to search in multiple places for your customer list and service history. DoorPack lets you find your customer FAST, with quick-search fields and look-ups.  In fact it’s designed to find customers within seconds!

You can easily search for a customer by any number of pieces of info, such as last name, first name, company name, site address, billing address, phone, fax, or even a partial piece of information, such as a contact name! (Duplicate customers are also highlighted for correction).

Never lose a customer again with the Customer History screen in DoorPack (and know that those customers are integrated to Quickbooks as well!)



Scheduling Calendar

Never forget an install or service order again!

DoorPack will help you to remember and schedule all those installation and service work orders, and which parts are needed. Quickly reassign jobs based on available technicians or equipment type. Provides multiple dispatch calendars for service, installation and sales appointments with simple click-drag-and-drop features.

After the information has been entered for this work order it can be assigned to a technician on the calendar dispatch board(s) and either printed, texted or sent to the technician’s mobile device.

Another feature of the base module is the Call Center. The Call Center allows you to streamline your operation by eliminating paper messages and improving your customer service response time. When the phone rings quickly look up the caller by address, first or last name, company name or phone number. After your identify the caller you can quickly select the main reason why they are calling and type the message. If the person they are asking for is not available just click the Send To drop down and select the person from the employee list. The message will be saved automatically and available for your immediate use.

Find Out What Equipment Is On-Site – Fast!

DoorPack lets you create unlimited customer equipment records. Add your own descriptions, your customer’s descriptions, models, serial numbers, images, product types, dimensions, installation details, and a whole variety of custom fields, to help you keep track of the equipment history all in one place.

Preventive Maintenance

PM Agreements – No Problem!

DoorPack lets you create PM schedules for all of your customers at any jobsite. Quarterly, annual, monthly or bi-monthly, not a problem! Assign specific consumable parts and resources as needed, and take control of your recurring revenue agreements.

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