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DoorPack Software – End the lost Paperwork Nightmare

There is something about paperwork that seems to make it hard to find. We’ve all been there before: Everything is right there in the file cabinet, good luck finding it. For example, we need to repair a commercial door we installed last year. We have all the information we need at our fingertips. First we go to the file cabinet or to QuickBooks, drag out all of the old invoices, and identify the equipment. Next we need find warranty dates. Finally, we need to sort through the invoices to pull together the customers repair history. The secretary needs to retype it all again on the work-order for the service techs to reference the prior work done.

Let’s not forget the typical flow from sales to installation. The secretary takes a call from a customer asking for a quote. She leaves a sticky note on the salespersons desk. With luck the salesperson finds the note, calls the prospect, and sets up a site visit. The sales person goes to the site, makes lots of notes, and gives the customer a quote. The salesperson puts the quote in his folder and goes back to the office.

When the customer calls, panic sets in. Where is the quote? Where are the notes from the site visit? We finally pull all of the information together, and try to schedule an install. We hand write a purchase order for our vendor(s). It falls into the same paperwork black hole. With luck, the warehouse guy realizes the unit that just came in must go somewhere. Otherwise, it gets stored in the warehouse until the customer calls complaining about the status of their new installation. This is followed by another wild search.

DoorPack Software for Quick Books is designed to eliminate the paperwork black hole. Installed equipment is automatically recorded, with warranty information. Initial site visit work-orders and notes are linked to the quote and installation work-order automatically. All of this can be printed with the work-order.

Maintain your QuickBooks Database

Most people don’t realize that the QuickBooks database can be corrupted. This normally occurs when one of the workstations is unstable, and crashes while the user is in QuickBooks. If the computer is in the middle of writing to a file, this can corrupt the database.

There is an easy way to tell if you have a problem. From the main screen press F2.  If the number of DB File Fragments is larger than 9, QuickBooks is potentially unstable. Drop me a note and I will send you a free white paper showing how to correct the problem.

I can be reached at

Multiplier Updates Made Easy!

DoorPack: Software for Overhead Door Distributors:

They updated our multiplier again!!!

Everyone dreads the multiplier change. It’s time to get out all those spreadsheets and pricing books and go to work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could update all those prices with a click of a button? You can with DoorPack. Our pricing module allows the user to automatically update all of their pricing with a click of a button when a multiplier is changed:


No more tedious update of spreadsheets and pricing, one click of a button takes care of it.

DoorPack Service Software for Quick Books- The Perfect Match

Fireline Systems is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Silver Development Partner and creator of the leading DoorPack Software which is designed specifically for door and access control dealers. DoorPack Service Software and QuickBooks Software are seamlessly integrated together to provide a complete software solution for all of your operational needs. (Click for PDF)

What are the advantages of using DoorPack Software?
DoorPack Software when combined with QuickBooks increases the overall efficiency of your entire company by helping to; increase sales; eliminate time wasting double and triple entry; reduce your paperwork; eliminate manual process of scheduling service and installation jobs; streamlining your quote preparation; managing your advertising campaigns and much, much more. And you can continue using QuickBooks for all of your normal billing and accounting processes.

DoorPack is the perfect compliment for QuickBooks. Take a minute to look at some of the additional features and benefits provided to your company by DoorPack Software:

Provides Additional Customer History information including:

  • Tracking work order history for each customer job location and billing customer
  • Detailed customer work order history – with drill-down details
  • Tracking installed customer equipment – by manufacturer, serial numbers, warranty information, size, type and other details
  • Unlimited customer contacts with phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Attaching scanned document – including before and after pictures
  • Tracking unlimited customer notes
  • Tracking preventative maintenance schedules and agreements
  • Provides the added flexibility to expand your customer history with additional customer user-defined fields, installed product user-defined fields, work order user-defined fields and additional contact fields for each customer.

Company-wide Viewing of Your Scheduling Calendars plus: Continue reading “DoorPack Service Software for Quick Books- The Perfect Match”

IDAExpo -2014 – Fireline Systems-DoorPack Software for Quickbooks

Stop by our booth #89 and see how easy and user friendly DoorPack by Fireline seemlessly integrates with Quickbooks. Also,Fireline’s mobile solution is designed to give you complete control of your business information. All of your software and data reside on your computers, and no-one can shut you off. We also offer a complete technical support and upgrade package.

DoorPack Software for QuickBooks – Is Mobile For You?: March Newsletter

There are four reasons to consider a mobile solution:


  1. Faster turnaround. Payment is normally made to the tech on site. This can make a big difference in your cash flow. You get your money faster, and don’t have to worry about invoicing and collections.


  1. Reduced paperwork. The technician enters the information and sends it back to the office. Data is automatically pulled into your software then processed to QuickBooks. This saves a lot of time and effort in the office.


  1. Better on-site information. Your technician has on-site access to notes and history from previous visits, and to equipment history.


  1. 4.    Your customers expect it.

DoorPack’s mobile solution is simple, inexpensive and uses technology you already have in place to provide a mobile solution that is designed to fit your needs. DoorPack provides the technician with all the information needed to get the job done. More importantly, your customer base is safe and protected because it is not in the cloud of increasingly risky web servers.


Why not invest a few minutes to join us at our next online webinar and see for yourself how DoorPack Software for Quick Books can streamline your operation and increase your profitability.

Scheduling Installations and Deliveries

Automate your parts delivery schedule:

One of our customers wanted more control over installations. The availability of parts was a major headache. He ordered most of his parts specifically for the job. Time after time the technician would get to the site, and be unable to finish, because a specific part was not available.

Receipts were scheduled in an excel spreadsheet. As parts were received, they were checked off on the sheet. When everything was checked off the installation was scheduled. In practice this should have worked. In reality, purchase orders, receipts, and the spreadsheet were constantly getting out of sync. Information on the spreadsheet differed from the Purchase Orders in QuickBooks. Since there was no delivery date on the PO line-item in QuickBooks, it was difficult to synchronize deliveries with installations.

Automating Purchase Orders and delivery schedules fixed the problem. The sales-person was given the responsibility to start the process when the quote was accepted. He or she would create the installation work order, which included all of the information on the quotation. The installation work order would be put on hold until the parts were received. The salesperson would also create a preliminary purchase order for the part, and assign it a delivery date and method. It was easy to look at a work order and see what parts needed to be expedited.

We created a main delivery schedule which includes scheduled parts deliveries, and customer installation requirements. The owner can now review the preliminary purchase orders and deliveries, change them as needed, and combine them into purchase orders for the vendors. The critical deliveries stand out, and can be expedited when necessary. When scheduling installations, it is easy to see if all the parts have been received, and a picking list of required parts is printed out with the work-order.

Best of all, everyone has up to date information. Projected work order deliveries are immediately transferred to the main schedule. Changes to the main delivery schedule are instantly transferred to the work order. People have the information needed to respond properly to customer questions.

DoorPack Newsletter

Selling in hard times

Frankly, coming up with new ideas for columns is not my strong point. In desperation, I asked our west coast salesperson for ideas. He consistently sells well, even in hard times.

He felt it all boiled down to a few simple things:

1. Sell a good product.

2. Try different things, (and keep track of what works).

3. Work harder when times are tough.

It’s all a numbers game. If you send out a hundred mailings in good times to make a sale, you need to do two or three hundred in hard times to make the same sale.

DoorPack is designed to help you with this process. We track and measure sales activities, by campaign. You know that it has taken 100 calls to produce a sale in good times. When you need to ramp things up, you have a baseline and history to start from.

You can also set-up goals for your sales-people, based on the activities needed to reach the sales volume you need. It’s all a numbers game. You need information to make it manageable.

Customer Satisfaction, the key to success

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing that drives a business to success. Whenever you lose a good customer, you need to backtrack  to the service and installation problems that proceeded the loss. You may get an unpleasant surprise.

What’s that? You can’t pull together information on previous service and installation delays without a long drawn out manual search? That may be a symptom of the problem.

You need to know what customer’s have been inconvenienced, and why. When you lose business, you need to backtrack the problem. DoorPack pulls all of the information together into one place, so you can identify and fix problems before you lose the customer.

Check out on our website.

Choosing the Right Software

Professional Door Dealer Magazine recently published an article titled ‘Choosing the Right Software for your Garage Door Business’ by Don Harrison senior partner at Fireline Prof Door DealerSystems.  This is a good read for any business dealer considering software upgrades for their operation.