The Benefits of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology can really transform your business. It can increase cash flow and reduce errors by providing the technician with all the information needed at the site. It also reduces customer complaints by capturing an on-site signature, confirming the work was done properly. DoorPack is pleased to announce its’ new mobile application, for use with android tablets and phones.

With our mobile solution, the tech has the address, and all the information needed to scope out the problem and review the history of the equipment. He can review the work done in the past that may relate to the current problem. Troubleshooting is simplified.

When the work is done, he records the parts, labor and job notes into the mobile device along with the customer’s signature. This information is transferred directly into the work-order for billing, eliminating double entry. Finally, a credit card payment can be obtained immediately from residential customers.
All of this cuts down on errors, double entry, and customer disputes. It can also make a big difference getting bills out the same day to turn over cash flow quickly

Fireline provides mobile technology at a very reasonable price, and we integrate seamlessly with your QuickBooks software.