Scheduling and Dispatch Software for Garage Door Companies

Service Scheduling Software for a Door Company:  The Door business can be crazy at times. The phone can just keep on ringing. Call after call comes in. Handwriting notes on scraps of paper will not work. Things need to flow from the initial call taker, to the dispatcher, and eventually to the invoice, without a hitch.

When you get busy is easy to go back to pencil and paper. We plan to enter it all into the computer, when things slow down. That just never happens, and calls are missed.

Duplicate entry is another problem. It is all right here. You enter the call and customer information into notes, then I enter it again on the technician’s field ticket, and finally re-enter it again into the QuickBooks customer invoice. Calls are lost, work gets done and never billed. Time and money are wasted.

Fireline is designed so that customer information only needs to be entered once. That information is used again and again, without double entry. If a customer calls, we can find all their information with a click of a button. All their information is in one place. I can see work order history, installed doors, maintenance agreements, notes, and attached documents. Our work-order screen is designed to give you all the information you need in one place. Almost everything has already been filled out. All you need to enter is the WO type, and User defined fields. The assignment automatically appears on the dispatch board. I can drag the wo to the tech, and send it to his tablet or phone. One click and the tech has it.

Our mobile solution supports both android and apple products. The tech has all the information he or she needs, including parts, pricing, and wo and door history. They can enter the info and send it back to the office. It only needs to be entered once. The accountant can review the information and send it to QuickBooks with a click of a button. Nothing needs to be re-entered.

A process has to be followed even when things are crazy. Information is entered while the customer is on the line. The service software is set-up for fast data entry. Everything is entered on a single screen. Critical information is required so that nothing is missed. Information flows directly into the dispatch calendar without duplicate entry.

Dispatch Software: Dispatch is critical, the dispatcher needs to be able to review open calls at a glance. He or she needs to prioritize and group them so that the technicians are not running back and forth across town. To do that they need a simple, easy to use dispatch board, combined with a map showing the calls, and the current location of the techs. Door Pack provides this seamless dispatching process.

Commercial Maintenance Agreements and Renewals: With Door Pack Software for Quick Books the scheduling and PM renewal process is designed to remind you when they are due. Since our software completely automates this reminder process you have more time to identify and re-price unprofitable agreements. Then there is the billing side. Recurring invoices in QuickBooks aren’t much hope without a process. You just have notes and an invoice that keeps repeating itself. The process becomes a blizzard of paperwork, duplicate entry, and confusion. Business owners get so wrapped up in the daily paperwork that they neglect to review the history and profitability of their existing agreement before they send out the renewal notices. Door Pack has a process that allows you to keep track of these things on a timely basis. Maintenance calls are created automatically and displayed as work-orders on the calendar board. The person who is responsible for scheduling the commercial maintenance works can see all the calls, and sort them by town, zip code, or territory.


Mapping/ Routing: You need to group your service and maintenance calls by location. This is one area where you can streamline the operation. Who wants their techs driving back and forth across town. Calls can be grouped by zip code, by town, or by your own areas or territories. The Doo0r Pack Service Scheduling and Dispatch Software can handle them all. Talk about saving money.


People don’t realize how important the business process is. Door Pack is designed for a door company, and gives you the right software tools for the job. We offer a process that moves the initial information taken during the customer call, to the dispatch board and finally to the technician with our mobile solution. All the information flows back with a click of a button, and can be sent to QuickBooks with another click, after someone reviews what the tech has entered. We allow you to group your services calls by zip or postal code, by town, by area or territory, and we offer a map with our dispatch board that lets you visually review the calls. We also give you a leg up on controlling your scheduling and dispatch.

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