Marketing & Tracking Module

The DoorPack Software Business and Marketing Center module allows you to manage all of your advertising and customer upsell campaigns along with tracking the source of each incoming call.  With a click of a button you are able to review the number of new sales opportunities you have received as the advertising source. DoorPack also tracks the number of converted opportunities to sales quotes and actual sales.  This allows the dealer to better manage their monthly advertising budgets and make adjustment as needed. Advertising sources are tracked for managing your monthly advertising expenses.

DoorPack_Advertising Report

DoorPack also allows you to quickly print mailing labels and export other customer lists from your customer and prospect databases for mail-merge mailing marketing projects.

With the Business Management feature in DoorPack you can now keep track of all of your outstanding projects as well as those assigned to other staff members in your company. This feature uses the Microsoft Outlook Task function. If you have assigned a specific task to a staff member it will be recorded on their computer in their Outlook Task folder. As they add notes regarding the project you are automatically updated on the status of the task. When they complete the task you are notified that the task has been completed. This saves valuable time for owners and managers tracking the status of outstanding tasks and their related notes.

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