DoorPack Newsletter

Selling in hard times

Frankly, coming up with new ideas for columns is not my strong point. In desperation, I asked our west coast salesperson for ideas. He consistently sells well, even in hard times.

He felt it all boiled down to a few simple things:

1. Sell a good product.

2. Try different things, (and keep track of what works).

3. Work harder when times are tough.

It’s all a numbers game. If you send out a hundred mailings in good times to make a sale, you need to do two or three hundred in hard times to make the same sale.

DoorPack is designed to help you with this process. We track and measure sales activities, by campaign. You know that it has taken 100 calls to produce a sale in good times. When you need to ramp things up, you have a baseline and history to start from.

You can also set-up goals for your sales-people, based on the activities needed to reach the sales volume you need. It’s all a numbers game. You need information to make it manageable.

Customer Satisfaction, the key to success

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing that drives a business to success. Whenever you lose a good customer, you need to backtrack  to the service and installation problems that proceeded the loss. You may get an unpleasant surprise.

What’s that? You can’t pull together information on previous service and installation delays without a long drawn out manual search? That may be a symptom of the problem.

You need to know what customer’s have been inconvenienced, and why. When you lose business, you need to backtrack the problem. DoorPack pulls all of the information together into one place, so you can identify and fix problems before you lose the customer.

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