Turbo-charge your Service and Recurring Maintenance

QuickBooks is a great accounting program, but it really isn’t designed to meet your operational needs. A Door business needs something that integrates customer history, schedules, contracts and work orders. You can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with all the detail. Some people put the information into QuickBooks notes, or create appointments with Google or Outlook calendars. Some even try to keep track of everything in Excel. When things get busy it all tends to fall apart. The end result is money down the drain. A simple to use fully integrated service software program can fix the problem, but finding the right product is not easy.

Stand-alone software designed for the Door industry will generally meet your operational needs, but their own built-in billing and accounting can’t match up to QuickBooks. QuickBooks has hundreds of thousands of accounting users around the world, and spends millions to make their product user-friendly. And training your staff to use another accounting software can be a nightmare with a product that isn’t user friendly.

There are a several popular service software products that claim to “work with QuickBooks”. But beware. They may have their own billing and accounting software, separate from QuickBooks.

After creating the customer invoice in their software they push their invoices and accounting into QuickBooks. This is a recipe for disaster when you or your accountant discovers that your customer’s account balance in QuickBooks doesn’t match the balance in their software. Many of their customers end up disconnecting the service software from QuickBooks. They have to put up with the hassle of entering everything twice.

DoorPack allows your customers invoices and accounting to be created inside QuickBooks eliminating duplication.

DoorPack Modules

DoorPack Software provides four main modules with it’s connection to QuickBooks

DoorPack’s Base Service/ Installation Scheduling Module allows the user to quickly find any QuickBooks customer and review their complete customer history on one screen.

DoorPack’s design eliminates the need to search through multiple menus to quickly find what you are looking for. You can also drill down into the detail of any past work orders or quotes for reference. DoorPack also tracks each customers installed equipment ( just in case a replacement part is required) along with maintenance schedules, unlimited contacts, agreements, notes, sales activities, attachments, and phone call history.

Work orders for service calls and new installs can be printed and scheduled on Microsoft’s Outlook for all of the computers connected to the network. Using the DoorPack calendar with easy drag-and-drop features, the work orders can be quickly assigned to a new service technician. When the work orders are completed the labor and parts used can be entered. Each completed work order will automatically create an invoice, estimate or sales order in QuickBooks to eliminate the duplicate entry required for billing. This speeds up the normal billing process, reduces the amount of clerical entry and increases cash flow.

DoorPack’s Estimate and Quote Module provides a powerful alternative for automating your quoting process.

DoorPack Software is one of the only software tools which allows the dealer to prepare residential and commercial customer quotes for multiple manufacturers and multiple product lines.

There are three methods provided for quotes in DoorPack:

  • handwritten quotes
  • Excel imported quotes
  • DoorPack created quotes.

The quoting module provides a simple tiered method of quoting allowing the selection by manufacturer, by module, by option and then by option item. Pricing is automatically updated using the manufacturer’s multipliers.

Quotes can be reviewed using multipliers and/or gross margin assumptions. After quotes are printed in DoorPack they are tracked in the customer’s history record. With a simple click of the mouse an existing quote can be turned into an installation work order for scheduling and billing.

DoorPack’s Opportunity Tracking/ Open Item Tracking and Advertising Module allows you to track the source of each incoming call to better manage monthly advertising expenses.

It also provides a method for creating customer and prospect mailing labels and various mail merge letters for promotions, etc. The tasking feature for DoorPack provides management and the staff with a handy “ToDo” list feature tracking project deadlines and assignments. Incoming daily call opportunities may also be tracked and managed.

DoorPack’s Job Cost Contracts and Progress Billing Module provides the ability to track job contracts for progress billing and job costing.

Finally Fireline Systems wraps the entire DoorPack software product together with a powerful company-wide informational dashboard.

From one single screen DoorPack allows you to quickly see a snapshot of your entire company with the ability to drill into the details. This one tool alone streamlines the entire daily operation and eliminates the need for countless paper reports.

If you are looking for an overhead door service dispatch software solution specifically designed for your business, which links seamlessly to your QuickBooks, you owe it to yourself to request a software demonstration of Fireline System’s DoorPack Software today.

More About DoorPack

DoorPack Software is door software specifically designed to address the unique needs of both garage door dealers and commercial door dealers.

DoorPack links seamlessly with the popular Quick Books software product line which provides dealers with a simple-to-use and easy-to-learn solution for quick customer history, quote preparation, work order scheduling, advertising and marketing.

As a QuickBooks Silver Developer Partner, Fireline Systems has created DoorPack Software with a seamless link into QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise desktop edition to preserve your current accounting functions.

This makes it easy for an existing QuickBooks user to add DoorPack Software and take advantage of all the specific features needed for a garage door and commercial door dealer.

DoorPack Software eliminates the typical duplicate entry issues that tend to waste valuable time by owners and their employees. With DoorPack you are able to continue using all of your familiar QuickBooks accounting processes …with the added convenience of DoorPacks expanded customer database history features including:

  • Tracking multiple customer locations
  • retail sales
  • work order history
  • installed customer equipment lists
  • detailed quote history
  • scanned attachments for before/after pictures
  • scanned customer signed work orders
  • any other type of customer document.

This streamlines your office process and eliminates much of the daily hunting for paperwork.


Scheduling Software Designed for Quickbooks

We all love QuickBooks but finding scheduling software for QuickBooks is not always easy. Without the ability to track your customer history and automate your service dispatch scheduling can really limit your business growth. It’s time to start looking for a service and dispatching program that is plug-in compatible with your QuickBooks. There are four major points that you should consider before you buy a scheduling software for QuickBooks:

Is it easy to use? Some scheduling software claim to do everything. Each of the features that you may or may not need come with a price. Some may make the software complex, hard to work with and difficult to learn.

Will they show you the scheduling software? During your software demonstration ask if you can schedule a new service call. Was it easy to find your customer? How many screens did it take? Was all of the customer history on one easy to read screen? Did it warn you if the customer had and outstanding balance due? Software should make your life easier not create more keystrokes and cause more stress.

Is it designed specifically for QuickBooks? The real test for a scheduling software for QuickBooks is to watch where the customers invoice is created. If the invoice is only created inside QuickBooks you have a seamless integration to QuickBooks. If it is created inside the service software’s Accounts Receivable software and then linked or synced into the customer’s record inside QuickBooks you are maintaining two different accounts for each customer. What do you do when the same customer’s balances are different? This type of integration can lead to accounting nightmares. Does the software connect with your QuickBooks billing accounts and jobs? If not, some kind of conversion will also be required.

Do they really focus on Door companies? Review the software company’s website. Do they work specifically for Door or every type of service business under the sun? If one size fits all, it may not fit you very well.

For additional information or a personal demonstration of the DoorPack Scheduling Software for QuickBooks visit www.DoorPack.com

DoorPack Software for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Integration:  Take a close look before you buy

When a Door company reaches a certain size operational software becomes a must. It gets harder and harder to hold things together.

If you are like most companies, you’re perfectly happy with QuickBooks for your accounting needs. What you really need is something more functional to run your operations.  So you start your Google search.  Many software products claim to integrate with QuickBooks, Peachtree, and a host of other accounting software packages. Most of them also claim to fit any service company from maid services to pest control to Door companies.

We hear this sad story almost daily from our new clients: Everyone claimed to be integrated with QuickBooks. After they bought the software they found out that the link to QuickBooks didn’t work correctly. They eventually ended up disconnecting the new software from their QuickBooks after many hours of training and needless frustration. Here are a couple of simple steps you can take to avoid this problem:

  1. Don’t assume that all billing and accounting is done in QuickBooks. Many buyers found that their new software had its’ own Accounts Receivable. They needed to re-learn how to do the customer billing inside the new software program rather than in QuickBooks. Their staff became frustrated and reluctant to learn another accounting software. Finally, their accountant didn’t understand the new software accounting since they only worked with QuickBooks, so information and adjustments had to be reentered in QuickBooks to get the proper tax information.

DoorPack Operations Software avoids this problem by focusing on QuickBooks. We create the customer billing and invoice in QuickBooks; just like you do now. No re-learning another accounting software product.

  1. Don’t assume that any generic service software will work for your Door Company. Take a minute to look at their website and see if they advertise as an “all-in-one” solution for all types of service companies, or specifically for the mechanical service contractor.

Why is QuickBooks slow?

If your QuickBooks is running slowly, it might pay to look at your anti-virus software. Good anti-virus software is critical to a secure computer system. The problem is that freeware tends to scan every file when opened as if it is an email with potential viruses.

This is fine until you start working on a network with large QuickBooks files. Every time someone looks at a customer or invoice, his or her virus software scans every record in the file. If two people are using QuickBooks, they can both be scanning the same master files at the same time. That can really slow you down.

Some virus software is designed to work on a network, and lets you exclude certain files when opening them. Remember all of your files should be scanned on a daily basis.


DoorPack: Mobile Technology: making it work for your business

The new technology has revolutionized the way Door companies do business. It is now possible for small to medium sized businesses to field a mobile solution at a reasonable price.  Buying a mobile solution can be difficult, there are so many, and it is hard to figure out what they really do.

Some mobile solutions are hosted, or cloud based. Your business data and programs reside on someone else’s server. Typically, you pay a monthly fee. On the plus side, you are able to access all of your information from anywhere. The negative is that you lose control of your business information. Most providers will cut you off immediately if they think you have missed a payment. Your business is dead in the water until you resolve the issue. It is common for the business owner to pay, even if he or she has already sent a check, just to get the business going again.

Things may not work out with the new software. You might get tired of the monthly fees, or it just might not be doing the job. You will need to get your data out of the hosted/cloud based system to provide it to your new software provider. Good luck, many hosted or cloud based providers balk at giving you your data. If you are unwilling to live with their software and their bills, you have to go back to your paper files and reenter all of your history in the new software.

The lack of control in the hosted or cloud based environment, makes many business owners uneasy, especially the ones who bought into the concept without understanding the ramifications. Somehow it is disconcerting to realize that someone else controls your business data, and ultimately your business.

Fireline’s mobile solution is designed to give you complete control of your business information. All of your software and data reside on your computers, and no-one can shut you off. We also offer a complete technical support and upgrade package.

Maintain your QuickBooks Database

Most people don’t realize that the QuickBooks database can be corrupted. This normally occurs when one of the workstations is unstable, and crashes while the user is in QuickBooks. If the computer is in the middle of writing to a file, this can corrupt the database.

There is an easy way to tell if you have a problem. From the main screen press F2.  If the number of DB File Fragments is larger than 9, QuickBooks is potentially unstable. Drop me a note and I will send you a free white paper showing how to correct the problem.

I can be reached at garyreviczky@yahoo.com

DoorPack Service Software for Quick Books- The Perfect Match

Fireline Systems is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Silver Development Partner and creator of the leading DoorPack Software which is designed specifically for door and access control dealers. DoorPack Service Software and QuickBooks Software are seamlessly integrated together to provide a complete software solution for all of your operational needs. (Click for PDF)

What are the advantages of using DoorPack Software?
DoorPack Software when combined with QuickBooks increases the overall efficiency of your entire company by helping to; increase sales; eliminate time wasting double and triple entry; reduce your paperwork; eliminate manual process of scheduling service and installation jobs; streamlining your quote preparation; managing your advertising campaigns and much, much more. And you can continue using QuickBooks for all of your normal billing and accounting processes.

DoorPack is the perfect compliment for QuickBooks. Take a minute to look at some of the additional features and benefits provided to your company by DoorPack Software:

Provides Additional Customer History information including:

  • Tracking work order history for each customer job location and billing customer
  • Detailed customer work order history – with drill-down details
  • Tracking installed customer equipment – by manufacturer, serial numbers, warranty information, size, type and other details
  • Unlimited customer contacts with phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Attaching scanned document – including before and after pictures
  • Tracking unlimited customer notes
  • Tracking preventative maintenance schedules and agreements
  • Provides the added flexibility to expand your customer history with additional customer user-defined fields, installed product user-defined fields, work order user-defined fields and additional contact fields for each customer.

Company-wide Viewing of Your Scheduling Calendars plus: Continue reading “DoorPack Service Software for Quick Books- The Perfect Match”

Choosing the Right Software

Professional Door Dealer Magazine recently published an article titled ‘Choosing the Right Software for your Garage Door Business’ by Don Harrison senior partner at Fireline Prof Door DealerSystems.  This is a good read for any business dealer considering software upgrades for their operation. http://www.professionaldoordealer.com/articles/choose-the-right-software-for-your-garage-doo.html