About DoorPack

Fireline Systems was started by Jack Harrison in 1999. Originally the company focused on the installation of packaged business software and hardware solutions.

After several years of trying to make generic products fit businesses with unique requirements, it became apparent that there was an enormous software demand by door, dock and gate dealers using QuickBooks Software. With the assistance of a team of door industry professionals Fireline Systems began the development of the DoorPack Software solution for QuickBooks to meet this demand. Today Fireline Systems is an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Silver Software Development Partner.

Early on, we learned that most overhead commercial and residential door dealers used QuickBooks and Microsoft Office products like Outlook, Word and Excel to run their business.

QuickBooks software seemed to be meeting the needs of the accounting department but there were too many office and field functions that were operationally disconnected with enormous duplication and overhead requirements.

To tie the whole operation together QuickBooks needed additional functionality with another software tool that would start at the initial call or sales opportunity, track all of the customer communications and history, flow the paperwork through contract and quotation preparation, purchase order creation with delivery scheduling, and finally track the installation and service work order schedule with the ability to continue to use QuickBooks for billing and all the bookkeeping processes.

DoorPack software was developed to compliment QuickBooks to meet these needs and much, much, more.

The other problem was integration. A typical job might have vendor documents in email folders, Word and Excel documents in different areas, with appointments scheduled in different Outlook folders. It was almost impossible to pull it all together.

DoorPack is designed to pull it all together in one place, so that a manager can go to a work-order and see all of the appointments, and documents in one place.

DoorPack Software was the vision and result of a team of professional software developers with over 100 years of experience in the garage door software industry.