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Service Scheduling Software for a Door Company: The Door business can be crazy at times. The phone can just keep on ringing. Call after call comes in. Handwriting notes on scraps of paper will not work. Things need to flow from the initial call taker, to the dispatcher, and eventually to the invoice, without a hitch.
When you get busy is easy to go back to pencil and paper. We plan to enter it all into the computer, when things slow down. That just never happens, and calls are missed.
Duplicate entry is another problem. It is all right here. You enter the call and customer information into notes, then I enter it again on the technician’s field ticket, and finally re-enter it again into the QuickBooks customer invoice. Calls are lost, work gets done and never billed. Time and money are wasted.
Fireline is designed so that customer information only needs to be entered once. That information is used again and again, without double entry. If a customer calls, we can find all their information with a click of a button. All their information is in one place. I can see work order history, installed doors, maintenance agreements, notes, and attached documents. Our work-order screen is designed to give you all the information you need in one place. Almost everything has already been filled out. All you need to enter is the W/O type, and User defined fields. The assignment automatically appears on the dispatch board. I can drag the W/O to the tech, and send it to his tablet or phone. One click and the tech has it.
Our mobile solution supports both android and apple products. The tech has all the information he or she needs, including parts, pricing, and W/O and door history. They can enter the info and send it back to the office. It only needs to be entered once. The accountant can review the information and send it to QuickBooks with a click of a button. Nothing needs to be re-entered.
A process has to be followed even when things are crazy. Information is entered while the customer is on the line. The service software is set-up for fast data entry. Everything is entered on a single screen. Critical information is required so that nothing is missed. Information flows directly into the dispatch calendar without duplicate entry.
Dispatch Software: Dispatch is critical, the dispatcher needs to be able to review open calls at a glance. He or she needs to prioritize and group them so that the technicians are not running back and forth across town. To do that they need a simple, easy to use dispatch board, combined with a map showing the calls, and the current location of the techs. Door Pack provides this seamless dispatching process.
Commercial Maintenance Agreements and Renewals: With Door Pack Software for Quick Books
the scheduling and PM renewal process is designed to remind you when they are due. Since our software completely automates this reminder process you have more time to identify and re-price unprofitable agreements. Then there is the billing side. Recurring invoices in QuickBooks aren’t much hope without a process. You just have notes and an invoice that keeps repeating itself. The process becomes a blizzard of paperwork, duplicate entry, and confusion. Business owners get so wrapped up in the daily paperwork that they neglect to review the history and profitability of their existing agreement before they send out the renewal notices. DoorPack has a process that allows you to keep track of these things on a timely basis. Maintenance calls are created automatically and displayed as work-orders on the calendar board. The person who is responsible for scheduling the commercial maintenance works can see all the calls, and sort them by town, zip code, or territory.

Mapping/Routing: You need to group your service and maintenance calls by location. This is one area where you can streamline the operation. Who wants their techs driving back and forth across town. Calls can be grouped by zip code, by town, or by your own areas or territories. The DoorPack Service Scheduling and Dispatch Software can handle them all. Talk about saving money.

People don’t realize how important the business process is. Door Pack is designed for a door company, and gives you the right software tools for the job. We offer a process that moves the initial information taken during the customer call, to the dispatch board and finally to the technician with our mobile solution. All the information flows back with a click of a button, and can be sent to QuickBooks with another click, after someone reviews what the tech has entered. We allow you to group your services calls by zip or postal code, by town, by area or territory, and we offer a map with our dispatch board that lets you visually review the calls. We also give you a leg up on controlling your scheduling and dispatch.
Take a few minutes to join us at our next online webinar and review how the Door Pack Service Software for QuickBooks can help to streamline, and eliminate costly mistakes for your operation and increase your productivity. Call 800-890-8614 to register or visit our website
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Watch how the Door Pack Service Software for QuickBooks can help to eliminate duplication and streamline your scheduling and dispatch processes.

PM’s and your mobile solution – Your Hidden Goldmine

Your technician calls in to report that he or she is finished with the job and is an hour away from the office. Now is the time to make the most of your new DoorPack system.

With a click of the button you can find all of the PM’s that are coming due in the town or zip-code close to the tech’s location.

With another click you can send him or her the information needed, with our mobile solution.

Reducing your turnaround time can result in a significant increase in your revenue, cash flow and tech productivity!

Five Reasons to operate your software from your office and avoid the cloud

  1. Security: Every day we hear about a cloud- based system being hacked. No-one seems to be safe. The IRS was hacked; the entire government personnel system was hacked; Target Drug, TJ Maxx, Blue Cross and Blue Shield were all hacked. These organizations spend billions of dollars to protect their records. They all learned the hard way. Put it on the web and you risk losing it. Your average cloud-based provider can’t afford the kind of security these big organizations had. How secure do you think your data really is in the cloud?
  1. Ownership of the data: When you put your business into the hands of a cloud provider, all of your data is in their possession. You can access it, as long as you continue to pay. Miss a payment and you are out of business along with your customer history until it gets resolved.
  1. Switching systems: We hear it all the time. People have bought into a cloud-based office or mobile software app and are now unhappy, and want to change. Unfortunately, most can’t get their data out. Effectively they are locked into their monthly fee, unless they are willing to go cold turkey without their history.
  1. Your business depends on the internet. When it is down, so is your service business.
  1. Mobile security: Most cloud-based applications use a mobile solution that gives your techs access to your data. Password protection helps, but passwords tend to get passed around the office. It isn’t uncommon for technicians to raid the bosses’ customers and start their own business.

Software installation and training: It can be a painless process

At the beginning of the installation and training process we often find that people in the office are anxious. They are used to the current system. Change is frightening.

The actual process is fairly straight-forward. After installation, which is handled by our technical staff, we go through a brief overview of the process. DoorPack is easy to use, and the training period is quite short. At least an hour of practice is needed after every training session.

The first one hour session covers service and dispatch. After 30 minutes the staff is able to enter and dispatch service calls and enter new customers. We spend another half hour or so practicing, and covering special requirements. DoorPack is designed to be customized to meet the needs of the company, with user defined fields and screens. These are used to tie to the customer’s Jobs in QuickBooks, and for other special fields and functions.

The second session covers questions and problems, and moves into installations and billing. At that point, the users are able to create work-orders, and bill them. They still are probably not comfortable with the process. We encourage them to call us if they have questions or problems. Customers at this stage get special priority.

In the third one hour session we normally cover equipment and service agreements. We train the users to enter service agreements that will tie back to their equipment and automatically produce maintenance service calls. We also go over the areas in DoorPack that are designed to control the renewal process. At the end of that session the new users are ready to work with PMs, although we are always available for questions as they come up.

The fourth session is set aside for review, questions, and includes a general overview of the process.

The whole process takes about a week, depending on availability of staff. At the end, DoorPack will be up and running. Normally we wait a couple of weeks, and then move to the mobile solution. This typically takes an hour or two to set-up, and one or two hours of training.

Take a few minutes to join us at our next online webinar and review how the DoorPack Service Software for Quick Books can help to streamline your operation, increase your productivity and eliminate the duplication.

Turbo-charge your Service and Recurring Maintenance

QuickBooks is a great accounting program, but it really isn’t designed to meet your operational needs. A Door business needs something that integrates customer history, schedules, contracts and work orders. You can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with all the detail. Some people put the information into QuickBooks notes, or create appointments with Google or Outlook calendars. Some even try to keep track of everything in Excel. When things get busy it all tends to fall apart. The end result is money down the drain. A simple to use fully integrated service software program can fix the problem, but finding the right product is not easy.

Stand-alone software designed for the Door industry will generally meet your operational needs, but their own built-in billing and accounting can’t match up to QuickBooks. QuickBooks has hundreds of thousands of accounting users around the world, and spends millions to make their product user-friendly. And training your staff to use another accounting software can be a nightmare with a product that isn’t user friendly.

There are a several popular service software products that claim to “work with QuickBooks”. But beware. They may have their own billing and accounting software, separate from QuickBooks.

After creating the customer invoice in their software they push their invoices and accounting into QuickBooks. This is a recipe for disaster when you or your accountant discovers that your customer’s account balance in QuickBooks doesn’t match the balance in their software. Many of their customers end up disconnecting the service software from QuickBooks. They have to put up with the hassle of entering everything twice.

DoorPack allows your customers invoices and accounting to be created inside QuickBooks eliminating duplication.

Beating the competition

Ramp up your profits in three easy steps:

Know your customer base: Existing customers are your best source of new sales. All you need to do is use your equipment history records to identify customers with older equipment, or equipment with reliability problems.

Be Proactive:  A mailing or series of phone calls can work wonders. You already have a leg up on your competitors, with your equipment history. Take advantage of it by reminding the customer that you know and understand his equipment.

Keep Records: You need to know what is working. Over time you will begin to see that some forms of advertising are paying off, and some aren’t.

Fireline provides equipment and advertising tracking to meet your needs.


DoorPack Software for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Integration:  Take a close look before you buy

When a Door company reaches a certain size operational software becomes a must. It gets harder and harder to hold things together.

If you are like most companies, you’re perfectly happy with QuickBooks for your accounting needs. What you really need is something more functional to run your operations.  So you start your Google search.  Many software products claim to integrate with QuickBooks, Peachtree, and a host of other accounting software packages. Most of them also claim to fit any service company from maid services to pest control to Door companies.

We hear this sad story almost daily from our new clients: Everyone claimed to be integrated with QuickBooks. After they bought the software they found out that the link to QuickBooks didn’t work correctly. They eventually ended up disconnecting the new software from their QuickBooks after many hours of training and needless frustration. Here are a couple of simple steps you can take to avoid this problem:

  1. Don’t assume that all billing and accounting is done in QuickBooks. Many buyers found that their new software had its’ own Accounts Receivable. They needed to re-learn how to do the customer billing inside the new software program rather than in QuickBooks. Their staff became frustrated and reluctant to learn another accounting software. Finally, their accountant didn’t understand the new software accounting since they only worked with QuickBooks, so information and adjustments had to be reentered in QuickBooks to get the proper tax information.

DoorPack Operations Software avoids this problem by focusing on QuickBooks. We create the customer billing and invoice in QuickBooks; just like you do now. No re-learning another accounting software product.

  1. Don’t assume that any generic service software will work for your Door Company. Take a minute to look at their website and see if they advertise as an “all-in-one” solution for all types of service companies, or specifically for the mechanical service contractor.

Why is QuickBooks slow?

If your QuickBooks is running slowly, it might pay to look at your anti-virus software. Good anti-virus software is critical to a secure computer system. The problem is that freeware tends to scan every file when opened as if it is an email with potential viruses.

This is fine until you start working on a network with large QuickBooks files. Every time someone looks at a customer or invoice, his or her virus software scans every record in the file. If two people are using QuickBooks, they can both be scanning the same master files at the same time. That can really slow you down.

Some virus software is designed to work on a network, and lets you exclude certain files when opening them. Remember all of your files should be scanned on a daily basis.


DoorPack: Mobile Technology: making it work for your business

The new technology has revolutionized the way Door companies do business. It is now possible for small to medium sized businesses to field a mobile solution at a reasonable price.  Buying a mobile solution can be difficult, there are so many, and it is hard to figure out what they really do.

Some mobile solutions are hosted, or cloud based. Your business data and programs reside on someone else’s server. Typically, you pay a monthly fee. On the plus side, you are able to access all of your information from anywhere. The negative is that you lose control of your business information. Most providers will cut you off immediately if they think you have missed a payment. Your business is dead in the water until you resolve the issue. It is common for the business owner to pay, even if he or she has already sent a check, just to get the business going again.

Things may not work out with the new software. You might get tired of the monthly fees, or it just might not be doing the job. You will need to get your data out of the hosted/cloud based system to provide it to your new software provider. Good luck, many hosted or cloud based providers balk at giving you your data. If you are unwilling to live with their software and their bills, you have to go back to your paper files and reenter all of your history in the new software.

The lack of control in the hosted or cloud based environment, makes many business owners uneasy, especially the ones who bought into the concept without understanding the ramifications. Somehow it is disconcerting to realize that someone else controls your business data, and ultimately your business.

Fireline’s mobile solution is designed to give you complete control of your business information. All of your software and data reside on your computers, and no-one can shut you off. We also offer a complete technical support and upgrade package.

DoorPack – Streamline your business with Operational Software

QuickBooks is a great accounting system. It is simple, easy to use and it gets the accounting done. The challenge is that QuickBooks doesn’t quite meet your operational needs.  Accounting is nice, but your daily operations are what bring in the monthly cash flow. Now you have the best of both worlds … operations software that seamlessly plugs into your accounting software. Introducing a total solution: DoorPack for QuickBooks.

DoorPack allows you to clean up the bottlenecks and inefficiencies.  Take a look at the way you are handling work-orders. Are you entering information over and over again, first on a service ticket, than on a white board, and finally into QuickBooks? How does it work when you are really busy?

How about your paperwork? Most offices have a number of file cabinets, crammed full of folders. It can seem like a paperwork black hole, everything goes in, nothing comes out.

DoorPack software is designed to eliminate double entry and lost paperwork. Names, addresses, and descriptions are entered once, and passed from quote to work-order, to QuickBooks invoice. Paperwork can be attached to quotes, work-orders and customers. DoorPack becomes a central place to find documents quickly and easily.